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DAIGO is proud to be doing something that hopefully will be part of the gay Asia and the gay community as a whole for years to come. We believe in freedom, expression and equality. Sexuality should be celebrated, not condemned.

Homosexuality is decriminalised in Hong Kong and same-sex couples are protected under domestic violence legislation. There is however no same-sex marriage nor anti-discrimination law on ground of sexual orientation.

Profits from the sales of the legalize gay t-shirts will be donated to:

Pink Alliance (TCJM) links tongzhi organizations operating in Hong Kong, assists them in their work and provides a network for information. It researches and campaigns on LGBT issues.  Tongzhi (同志) is a Chinese word, often translated as ‘comrade’, which refers to people of different sexual orientations and gender identities in the Chinese-speaking world.  Pink Alliance has groups of volunteers who assist in research and translation, letter writing, fund raising and communications. It has established a data base of information which is open for use by the whole tongzhi community. Pink Alliance is not for profit and is registered as a Society with the Government of the Hong Kong SAR.

TCJM Website
TCJM Facebook Group

Queer Straight Alliance - QSA is a student organisation which promotes and celebrate sexual diversity. The Alliance aims to provide a safe social platform for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) members both on and off campus. Through various educational and social activities, the students will benefit from educational, personal and social perspectives.

QSA Website
QSA Facebook Group

DAIGO (大哥)希望做一些能成为“同志亚洲”以及今后整体同志社区的一分子的事情,因而感到自豪。我们相信自由、表達和平等。性行为理应被颂扬而不是被谴责。



香港同志社区联席(TCJM)推动香港同志组织间之合作、协助、各组织的工作以及提供一个咨询网络。TCJM亦在LGBT议题上进行研究及从事相应行动。「同志」为中文词彙并常译为「同胞」 的意思而在华语社会中指不同性倾向及性别身份的人士。TCJM有多个执行小组协助研究、翻译、写信、筹款及传播等各项工作。而TCJM亦设立了一个资料库、整个同性社群均欢迎享用。


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